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A clearly illustrated practical guide to woodturning aimed at woodworkers at all levels of skills: a one-stop solution for experienced turners and novices alike. This book will guide you through the various health and safety issues, the tools and equipment needed to get the best out of your woodturning, mastering the basic techniques and how to add decorative features. The author also illustrates how to use highly original decorative methods and artistic skills to complete the 15 inspirational projects.

Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photography to inspire you to take what you have learnt and apply these skills to your own work. Del Stubbs shows you how to turn beautiful bowls and plates. You can start with dry lumber or with green wood you cut yourself.

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The camera zooms in close to see the careful contact of edge on wood and then moves back so you can study various tool positions, grips and stances. You will learn about: Cutting tool types and modification of standard tools Grinding and honing chisels Gripping various turning tools Mounting bowl blanks and roughing out the shape Modifying a standard lathe Controlling warp in the thin wall of a bowl Cutting into endgrain Designing bowl forms. From Georgian furniture legs to Victorian balusters - traditionally decorated with beads, hollows, fillets and other shapes - the correct setting out and turning sequences are exhibited here.

This amazing session incorporates a variety of timber and techniques including a dish with a glass insert, a lighter base and a clock. Progress to a serviette ring, an egg, a pen case, a lace bobbin, a gavel and lastly an entire coffee grinder.

Also an introduction to a hollow chuck. The world's premier turning expert teaches woodworkers of all skill levels how to make basic bowls in an array of styles progressing to more challenging projects. With almost two dozen projects, The Essential Woodturner provides the classic projects and the necessary techniques that every woodturner needs to know. Ranging from pepper mills, bottle stoppers and pens to mallets, rolling pins and duck calls — with a live-edge bowl thrown in for good measure — the project list is the ideal road map for woodturners seeking to make some fun stuff while expanding their talents and building their confidence.

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With helpful drawings, step-by-step photos, and easy-to-follow guidance, each project can be completed in a few hours or a couple of days and requires only basic tools and equipment. This title gathers all the essential information about woodturning chucks and fixtures in one place.

More than a reference for dedicated turners, it is designed to help both beginners and advanced by improving your skills and broadening the range of projects you tackle at the lathe through carefully crafted how-to advice and interesting, engaging projects. Covers how to get the most from commercial chucks, centres and faceplates and also shows how you can make your own-tailoring the wood-holders precisely to the work you want to do.

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Legendary woodturner Stephen Hogbin's work has been groundbreaking at every turn. Now the internationally recognized designer examines ten of his finest and most innovative creations, and distills each piece to a useful project that any woodturner can replicate. This is the first time that Hogbin has described his techniques and presented his ideas in step-by-step project format. All of these projects begin with the lathe, but each features inventive cutting into the turned elements and recombining the pieces to make entirely new forms.

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They do not require advanced technical skills, but will encourage you to break out of the basic vocabulary of woodturning and see its marvelous new possibilities. The second edition of Learn to Turn is a woodturning book for true beginners.

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Author Barry Gross puts the fun back into turning with this approachable and enjoyable guide. You will receive advice on every step of the turning process, including selecting the right lathe, basic safety and woodshop setup, an overview of the proper tools and how to use them, and the basics on sharpening, sanding and finishing. Includes step-by-step instructions for eight projects such as a birdhouse, a simple bowl, and a pepper mill, and a special chapter with simple solutions to common beginner mistakes.

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  5. This stunning international collection showcases the work of 40 pioneering woodturners who have expanded the possibilities of the medium. Their pieces range from classic to humorous to sculptural to amazing. Curator Jim Christiansen introduces each masters multi-page gallery with an insightful overview, and the creators themselves offer their lyrical thoughts on wood, nature and art. A definitive guide to the art, aimed not only at the experienced turner but also at the novice with a wide range of information with comprehensive chapters of ornamental materials; techniques on surface decoration; setting up the machine; manipulation of the equipment; ornamental turning on an engineer's lathe, and on the geometric chuck, as well as detailed appendices of interest to all ornamental turners.

    Whether you prefer classic oak fountain pens or have a weakness for funky acrylic pencils, this practical new guide to pen and pencil turning will get you started! Discover the range of materials that can be used — from fine and rare timbers to acrylics and polymer clays there is something to suit all tastes and the possibilities are endless.

    Whether you are just beginning to dabble with turning pens or you have been creating them for years, Pen Turning: A Foundation Course is the best resource to help you sharpen your skills and guide you forward in the craft. Features include: Instructions on a number of popular pen styles, including slim line pens, KC twist pens, a single-barrel bullet pen and a classical style pen A review of a number of different materials, including stabilized burl, exotic hardwoods, antler and even plastics Techniques from cutting blanks to gluing, decorating, sanding and assembly.

    With close up photography that clarifies every procedure, turning pens and pencils is a quick, fun, and inexpensive way to express your design sense; the equipment is minimal but the possibilities are many. There are ones that twist or click, a European-style pen, a tapered roller ball, fountain pens, and numerous variations.

    Skew chisel hand woodturning demo- how versatile is the Skew?

    Tips reveal which jigs and fittings increase efficiency. Bonus: an impressive gallery of finished items. In this inspiring book, Derek Hayes investigates the process and practice of design in woodturning. While aiming to instil confidence in appreciating, criticising and selecting sources of inspiration, Derek questions why we may find one turning attractive and another ugly. He looks closely at design elements, sketching, proportion, pattern, decoration and colour; with instructive diagrams and photographs that will guide the reader to a better understanding of design.

    You'll learn the right tools to use, how to handle them safely and how to maintain them. Lacer's expert instruction helps you master the bowl gouge, the spindle-roughing gouge, the skew and other essential turning tools. You'll also gain insight into finishing techniques, French polishing and working with spalted wood.

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    Sharpen your end-grain hollowing skills by turning a lovely wine goblet Practice turning spheres by creating your own bocce ball lawn game Gain insight into making multiples by turning matching table legs Turn a table lamp to practice flowing contours Learn how to work with green wood by making a natural-edge bowl And much more!

    Complete with expert instruction, step-by-step photos, guides to sources and materials and tips for avoiding common pitfalls, this book is sure to help you improve your turning craft - and make some stunning pieces in the process. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x He is a past president of the American Association of Woodturners and his work has appeared in a number of regional and national exhibitions.

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