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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? In spite of the diverse geological environments in which microbes are found and the various approaches taken to study them, a common thread—mineral—microbe interactions—connects all these environments and experimental approaches and places them under the same umbrella: geomicrobiology.

Minerals provide microbes with energy and living habitats, and microbes impact mineral weathering and diagenesis. The recognition of mineral—microbe interactions has revived the classical discipline of mineralogy, and microbes discovered in various habitats have provided microbiologists with unique opportunities for study.

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This issue considers microbially mediated mineral dissolution, precipitation, and transformation, and the synergistic relation between minerals and microbes for energy acquisition. These interactions have important implications for contaminant remediation.

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On March 11, , an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, killing more than 20, persons, displacing tens of thousands, and causing havoc in the infrastructure and economy of the country. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the cooling systems of three of the operating reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station failed and meltdown of the reactor cores occurred.

Penelope, Odysseus and The Time It Takes To Reach The Beginning

Over the following days, a series of hydrogen gas explosions took place. Radionuclides mainly I and Cs were released to the atmosphere and transported over many tens of kilometers from the site, contaminating soil and water.

Point of Beginning

Seawater was used to cool the damaged reactor cores, and water contaminated with radioactivity was released to the ocean. Considerable amounts of used fuel were stored in nearby pools, and with the loss of water, the pools contributed to the release of radioactivity. One year after the tragedy at Fukushima, this issue of Elements provides a summary of what is known about the environmental impact of this nuclear accident.

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  • Nothing that geoscientists learn as students prepares them for interpreting rock textures as complex as those found in pegmatites. Understanding the textures and mineral zonation of granitic pegmatites is tantamount to understanding the fundamental process of crystallization. It is a challenge to our ability to discern, beyond reasonable doubt, what is igneous and what is hydrothermal.

    This is the context that has drawn many professional geoscientists to the study of pegmatites for all or part of their careers.

    The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch – review

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